Paula B Durango CO

Thanks so much for your help!  Your reading was very insightful and inspirational.  I know this has existed and you confirmed it.  Hope you make it to Durango again. So nice to meet you!

Betsy Equine Affaire London OH

Thank you for being a part of our 5th annual California Equine Affaire!  The audience really enjoyed your sessions and I hope you found it a worthwhile trip. I’d love to include you again in the future. Thanks again!

Life’s Journey Equine Therapy Tuxedo NY

Dr. Sheila, we at LJET can’t thank you enough for your kind and dedicated support of our worthy cause.  The many hours and thousands of dollars of donated services to our lecture series is making so much possible for our clients.

Marie K Cranston RI

I was so happy to meet with you today.  You have energized me and created a feeling of hope for the future.  I went to Don’s for lunch.  I had plain broiled scrod and a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  I will order from Peapod the items to eat from the Wheat Free Challenge.  You have been put back into my life at a crucial time for me.  I realize I have been fortunate to have the needed people interacting with me as the need arises. May you continue to be blessed with the abilities to heal.

Laura H Portland MA

I don’t think I can thank you enough for your great session with our horse.  I now know we have a wonderful horse and am really excited about all the wonderful experiences she will have with my daughter.  You imput gave us the final bits of knowledge that have enabled us to apply and successfully begin our journey together.  I wish everyone who has a horse were fortunate enough to work with people as wonderful as you, for the peoples sake and most importantly for the horses sake!

Angela L North Hampton MA

We met again in North Hampton MA a couple of weeks ago.  I brought your video and really liked it!  I found it to be informational and easy to follow.  So well done that I felt the courage to try this with Woody, to see if he would talk to me.  HE DID!! It was wonderful!! I left the barn that night with tears in my eyes because I felt like I have finally connected with him in a way I could only dream of.  I can’t wait for the next video; I will be the first to buy it,  Bless You!