Holistic Healing
For Humans

How can holistic healing help you?


• All living things have seven energy centers in their bodies.
• Each energy center works like a circuit breaker for all of the components of that area of the body.
• When the energy is flowing strongly, the area is in health.
• If the energy gets interrupted, the area may move into dis-ease.

As with a circuit breaker in your home, if the circuit is overloaded, the lights in that area of your home will not work. Like a circuit breaker, just because the energy may be interrupted, it does not mean that it cannot be fixed, just that it is temporally out of service. By utilizing this information, we can determine where the energy flow is clogged in the body, and help restore that area to full service.


• An aura is the energy that surrounds everything, living and nonliving.
• Nonliving things have a slight aura that is equal to the energy being emitted, a hot table will put out a stronger aura that a cold table, a wooded table will put out a stronger aura than a glass table.
• With living creatures, there are seven layers to this egg shaped energy.

Most humans that are “healthy” will have an aura that extends fourteen feet or more from the body in all directions. If you are feeling depressed, tired, or ill, you may use the expressions of “I feel empty” or “I feel drained”. These expressions are about the state of your aura.

Our auras contain all of the information that is available about our bodies, personalities, and emotions. When you first meet someone or some living thing, you will get an immediate impression of that individual. If your aura “reads” that a living thing is “healthy” you will most likely allow that being into your “space”. If you do not approve of what that person is putting out into their aura, you will want to keep your distance.


Herbal Remedies & Essential Oils

Your body knows what it needs. Sheila can uncover this information and determine the best remedies for your improved health.

Hands-On Energy Work

Sheila's hand's on energy work has helped so many people understand who they are and why they think and feel as they do.


Many problems, emotional and physical start with nutrition, let Sheila help you find your balance!

Understanding your Aura & Chakra is the first step to healing.


Quantum-Relief Nutritional Reflexology Benefits…

Hyperactive, nervous people are calmer. Allergies, can be reduced or eliminated.  Menopausal, PMS, and postpartum depression issues can be eliminated. Fertility issues can be reversed. Acne, eczema, and other skin issues are resolved. Memory can be restored.

Sheila has  learned how to ask the body what it needs and it tells her. Nutrition and the way we think affects our bodies. Taking the initiative to make subtle and not so subtle changes can produce dramatic results.

This technique tests 28 different points on your body or your animal’s body for sensitivity so that your body can tell you what is out of balance. Sheila is a certified QR-NR Practitioner and will be able to expertly provide all natural solutions that your body approves of, to help whatever annoying symptoms you have go away.

You are a complete participant in this amazing process, and you will be able to tell us when a point is totally clear.  The results of the testing will be completely accurate and you are only 120 days away from a totally new outcome for your own personal optimal health.

Plant –powered health solutions will be suggested for you, so that you will have a roadmap for success and support from us every step of the way.

Our program is not designed to replace medical care, and is totally voluntary on your part.

Why OR-NR Works So Well…

The reason why QR-NR works so well is Every Body is different. You can be the same age, height and weight and could have entirely different results for what you need to bring your body to optimal health.  We believe that you need certain elements based on your own personal body chemistry, to achieve wellness.

Having used this technique for over 20 years I can attest to the fact that it works for those who are compliant and do what their body asks them to do.  It may be as simple as drinking more water or giving up coffee. It may be more complex, but it will be ALL ABOUT YOU and YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH.

It only takes 120 days to turn your health around.  Are you ready?

Hands On Energy Work

Commonly referred to as the “Laying on of Hands” is a combination of many practices. Here is a quote from one of Sheila’s teachers, Barbara Ann Brennan, from her book “Hands of Light” Bantam Books 1987. “I believe it is very important for the healer to have a lot of technical training; counseling methods, anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage technique, as well as some knowledge of acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional and herbal cures. These other counseling methods are almost always combined with the laying-on of hands, either by the healer or other health care professionals who are working on the case. The healer must have knowledge of these methods to understand how they dovetail to make the healing a whole one and to be able to communicate with other people involved in the case. Various other health care methods may be indicated through the channel of the healer. The healer will need to know anatomy and physiology to help interpret the information she is receiving. Above all, the healer should be able to work with other medical professionals to help the client heal herself.”

Sheila has taken these words to heart, and for over 20 years has studied and expanded her education in order to hold the key that each particular client may need. 

Herbal Remedies & Essential Oils

In 2002, Sheila discovered the incredible results that essential oils can bring to the body and mind. Oils are herbs taken to concentrated form. Plants are, and will always be, our best teachers and healers, as their use throughout the history of mankind has proven their value. Sheila found the magic and science of oils to be another key to the healing process. This is a priceless key.