How To Help My Dogs Weight Problem


First of all…DROP THAT PIG EAR!!!!
Then get up and move that dogs fuzzy butt.  See, its all so simple-eat less and move more.
Us humans don’t help, however.  We insist on feeding them like we are one of them, and have you noticed how fat we are becoming lately? The food we give dogs is processed, dry and has no nutritional value at all. It is full of preservatives and junk additives.  Think McDonald’s in a dog food bag.  Here is a photo of my Lydia that I am none to proud of, from a few years back.  When I bought my wolfhound (that Lydia had to keep under control at all times,) I didn’t notice how Lydia was stealing food from the big dopey dog and getting fatter by the minute.  I was also feeding a dry dog food.

The joke was at the time that Lydia looked like a bloated tick…yeah very funny – not.
So finally I got smart and put them on a raw/freeze dried diet.  Lydia got all raw, and the monster dog got a mix. I mixed all kinds of things into it like veggies, egg shells, organ meat and Probiotics

and vitimins

I also started to give Lydia a serving the size of a chipmunk am and pm…..AND I started watching them at dinner time and would not let Lydia push Brigit off her food!!! Lydia didn’t always love me, but she did go from 24 lbs to 16lbs!                                                         Serving up a raw menu can be a bit of work and a bit of money, but the closer you can get to one the better.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your hounds diet, check out my site and give me  call!

So for now…get that fuzzy butt up and get moving!!

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